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Pet Toys

There are many different types of pets that need pet toys to stay happy and active.  Dogs are one of the most common household pets and you can find hundreds of different pet toys to keep them entertained.  Other household animals like cats, hamsters, birds and even ferrets need toys to keep them occupied.  Just like children every pet will have their favorite toy that is played with daily.  Regardless of your pet there are many toys you can purchase for them at your local pet store or online.  Equally there are many pets that do not need toys.  Fish, snakes, lizards and small tortoises do not require toys. 

For your pet dog you can purchase an array of toys, each with serves a different purpose for their health.  Common toys like balls and frisbees are great pet toys to keep your dog active and their joints healthy.  There are also plush toys that dogs love to chase after and throw around keeping them active and energetic.  There are also pull toys that dogs love when you pull the opposite end they hold in their mouth.  Not only do pull toys add to the strength of your dog they also help with bonding between pet and owner.  You can also purchase toys that are studded and when your dog chews on them their teeth get cleaned.  If your dog is a hunting dog there are also toys you can purchase to train them.  Other toys are available just for pure enjoyment of your pets.  There are an array of toys that light up and even make noise to keep your dog occupied.

Cats love items they can bat with their front paws so toys that hang from railings or countertops are great for cats.  Cats also love toys that make noise, you can find many types of toys with bells or squeakers attached to entertain your cat.  Because cats are usually more relaxed and easy going many people tend to purchase an array of items for their cats leisure.  Cat scratching posts allow your cat to rub and scratch behind their ears as well as provide them with a place to stretch and climb on.  Cat owners love to purchase cat homes that provide a place for their cats to hide.  These homes usually are small multilevel boxes that you can place your cats litter in.  Your cat will enjoy crawling through the tunnels of their own home. The newest piece of cat furniture available is a cat hammock that can be placed in any corner of your home and it allows your cat to relax in a comfortable and flexible hammock. 

Other small mammal pets like ferrets, hamsters and guinea pigs and even chinchillas also love toys.  You can purchase small rolling ball to place these smaller pets in so that they can freely roam your house safely.  You can also purchase smaller toys for them to play within their cages and they love toys they can chew on.   Birds also love toys and you can find an array of toys to dangle from their cage for them to play with.


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