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Pet Supplies

Every pet, like every human, needs proper care to stay alive and healthy.  Pets are not able to fend for themselves in a household setting and needed to be provided with not only food and water but also proper shelter, medicine, and other needs they may have.  Each type of pet has specific requirements of their habitat and most pet owners need to purchase pet supplies to care for their pet correctly.  When you purchase your pet make sure you know exactly what you must do to keep them healthy in regards to food, shelter and habitat.  While pets are fun and seem easy to care for they require a lot more care then most people think.  We will provide you the basics for many common household animals, for more specific instructions you must talk to your pet care provider. 

Dogs: Dog food specific to the type of dog and its size, water, food and water dishes, toys, collar, leash, shampoo and conditioner.  In addition to those pet supplies  you must take your dog to the vet annually to get them shots and vaccines they may need.  Equally you must have them groomed, some dogs require annual haircuts and all dogs require their nails to be trimmed 

Cats: Cat food specific to size and age, water, food and water dishes, toys, collar, litter, litter box, litter scooper, and (because cats do not like to be bathed) a cleansing and deodorizing pet spray.  Cats also need to be taken to the vet and groomer annually to ensure they are healthy and getting all their medications and vaccinations. 

Other mammals:  Smaller animals can be kept in size appropriate cages.  They will need a terrain that is soft and that allows them to burrow.  Other pet supplies you need to purchase are: small in shelter shelter, water dropper, appropriate food and food bowl, and toys.  These pets usually do not need to be taken to the vet annually but can be taken in case of sickness. 

Reptiles:  Reptiles all need very specific care depending on their breed and type.  However there are basic pet supplies that all reptiles will need.  All will need a terrarium, a sand-like terrain that holds moisture, a heat source (from the ground and also from the top of the cage) water supply, in shelter shelter, a food dish, and food (some larger reptiles require live food, some require vegetables)


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