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Pet Carriers

Pet carriers can prove to be extremely beneficial for pet owners who love to travel.  Often times pets must stay under the care of friends, family members or even pet boarders when their owners go out of town.  Not only is that hard on your pet, its hard for you.  Leaving your pet under the care of even the most trustworthy person raises concerns and stress for pet owners.  Additionally your pet will be stressed by its new environment and caretakers, even if it is temporary.  Carriers will allow you to take your pet, large or small, with you as you travel in a car or even on a plane.
Most major airlines currently allow pets in pet carriers to board planes.  Pets weighing under 10 lbs can be carried by passengers as carry on, onto the actual plane.  Pets weighing over 10 lbs must be kept in a pet safe cargo area of the plane.  Each airline has their own specific requirements in order to board or carry your pet onto the plane, so before you leave be sure to check the companies policy.  Carriers are also great for long car rides with your pet.  If you are traveling long distances with your pet they may become restless and it is a major distraction to divers to have your pet roaming your vehicle.  A carrier will allow your pet to accompany you on your travels in a safe manner. 

Pet carriers come in an array of different sizes so that you can safely travel with your pet of any size.  From large animals to ferrets there is a carrier that is perfect for them all.  There are also many different types of carriers.  Some carriers have wheels, so that pet owners can easily transport their pet in the carrier.  Some pet carriers also have windows so that your pet will be able to see out of their carrier.  Most carriers have wire fronts so that your pet can be safely closed in their carrier.  Wire fronts also allow your pet to get great air flow while in their carrier.  Most carriers have handles so that they are easy to carry and move even with your animal inside.  You can also purchase carriers in an array of different colors! The newest trend in carriers is actually a very fashionable purse-like carrier which allows you to carry your small pets along side with you practically everywhere you go.

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