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All pets need comfortable places to sleep, even small pets in pet enclosures. Many owners forget that their pet needs a place to sleep.  Leaving their dogs and cats to sleep on couches and even in the owners bed.  Smaller animals that are kept in enclosures like reptiles, hamsters or ferrets are often left to fend for themselves within their cage when it comes to sleeping.  Even within cages animals need a pet bed that they can find comfort on while they sleep.  There are hundreds of different types, sizes and styles of pet beds. There is a perfect bed for every pet and you can easily locate one online or at a pet store.

When you are searching for a pet bed you must keep your pet in mind.  Size, type, and personality of your pet all come into play when you are looking for the perfect bed. 

- Size:  Your pet bed should be larger than your pet.  Your pet should have room to sleep, stretch and snuggle in their bed.  However, your pets bed should not be too large, your pet should take up most of the room in the bed.  If you have more than one pet you can choose to purchase separate beds, or one large bed. 

-Filler:  Many pet beds are made with filler cushioning.  If your pet loves to tear apart their toys and items in your home then you may be wary purchasing a bed which is stuffed.  You can find beds made with foam so that your pet will have a harder time tearing it apart.  There are an array of different fillers as well as thicknesses.  You can find beds that are extremely cushioned, or beds that have almost no cushioning. 

-Type:  The array of pets available also call for an array of pet beds.  Reptiles “beds” are extremely different than the beds of mammal pets.  Reptiles require a shaded area where they can dig and burrow.  While mammals require a padded area where it is designated for them to sleep.


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